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aye jan-e-faraz itni bhi toufiq kisse thi.humein gham-e-hasti bhi gawara hai k tum ho By haseeb jalal karm karo ya sitm karo hum gilla karm karo ya sitm karo hum gilla nahin karte.magar hum jaisa log dubara milla nahin karte.mila do hak mein hum ko magar itna khayal karna. hum jaisa log dubara milla nahin karteBy haseeb jalal Duniya mein bahut gham mileinge Duniya mein bahut gham mileinge Sach mano achhe dost kam mileinge Jis mod par sab chhod jayenge saath tumhara usi mod par khadey ham milenge..By Tanveer Hussain

fourteen And God said, Enable there be lights during the firmament of heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for symptoms, and for seasons, and for days and years:

What he did now ? Now why in any way he need light-weight again to mark day and night time ? There was early morning, evening in the evening for last a few days… Why at all a light-weight needed ? Okay allows carry on…

Yaad karte hai tumhe tanhi me, Dil duba hai gamo ki gahrai me, Hume mat dhundo duniya ki bhid me, Hum milenge tumhe fir kisi, free SMS ki plan me!

Log apno se nata tod dete Log apno se nata tod dete hai, rishta gairo se jod lete hai, humse to ek phool bhi toda nahi jata, najane log dil kaise tod dete hai.By Jeet(Mumbai)

Mother and father ought to gift their daughter intellectuality and power of information when she leaves for husband’s home. They need to give her a dowry of information.

wafa ka naam na liya kro,wafa dil ko dukhati hai,wafa ka naam latay Hello,humin ek bewjaa ki yaad aate hai mehnazvenjhar

two. Along with the earth was squander and void; and darkness was upon the face in the deep: plus the Spirit of God moved on the face on the waters.

tumein hum yaad rakhtay hain,Tumhari yaad se dil ka nagar abaad raktay hain,Har lamha,har waqt tumhe saath raktay hain,suhani raat huti hai tumhari baat hoti hai,aur is se abaad ralktay hain By Haseeb Jalal

6 And God said, Enable there become a firmament inside the midst in the waters, and Permit it divide the waters from the waters.

Haunter is usually a purple Pokémon with a gaseous body. It's a round head with a set of disembodied arms. Each and every hand has a few pointed fingers. Its head is flanked by get more info three big, spiked protrusions on both aspect, and its eyes are substantial and triangular with small pupils.

Kabhi hosla bhi azmaa lena chahiye, Bure waqt key muskura lena chahiye, Jab saat din primary bhi khujali na mite, to 8ve din naha lana chahiye By Hitman

Ankhoon say es leya mary lale nahee jati, yadoon say koe rat khale nahe jate, tum jan bhe mango to hans kay day deen gay, koe bat tumhare to tale nahe jate...Ajaz Ahmed

jab t.v acha nan lage ghar wale ache nan lagain sweet girls achi naan lagain yahan tak k mun pasand khana acha nan lagay tu ... tu kia ???"washroom jao yaar pait principal garbar hai" BY Adil

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